Kerékpáros Pihenő- és Sátorozóhely

Cyclists' Rest and Camping


We offer:

Cold drinks, spirits, tea ...
Hamburger, Hotdog, hot sandwich ...

There is no compulsory consumption for tourists.

Bike repair

SOS Bicycle service

Broken bikes will be repaired within 2 hours, or a replacement bike will be provided to keep you going.

Bike rental

We rent women's, men's and children's bicycles to our guests who want to go cycling and hiking!

Rental fee: 5000 HUF/day, 600 HUF/hour, or by agreement.


Kayak and SUP rental

The Balatonberény free beach is 200 meters from the buffet.

We rent kayaks for our guests.

Price: 1000 HUF/hour, or 5000 HUF/day


A fenced camping site is available for tourists who want to relax in Balatonberény.

Fee: 2000 HUF/person/day


Shower facility

The rest area has barrier-free toilets and showers that comply with EU standards.

The use of the shower is free of charge for tourists using the camping pitch, otherwise 500 HUF/use


Internet access is available at our cycling rest.

Accommodation information

For tourists looking for more comfortable accommodation, we will help to find suitable accommodation for one or more nights.


The rest area includes an EU standard fenced playground of the "adventure castle" type.

It provides recreational activities for children under parental supervision.

Its use is not linked to consumption!